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JGS is into civil engineering services including structural, mechanical, electrical works in all descriptions like planning, designing, erecting, improving, estate development, repairs, etc

Environmental Services

We offer myriad of environmental services including Environmental Impart Assessment,waste Management etc.

Logistics Services

Among our logistics services includes supply of heavy duty machines, waste management trucks, cars and fleet etc.

HR Services

We offer human resources sourcing, we source for best professionals suited for any kind of job

Engineering Services

Our engineering services ranges from Civil / Structural and Mechanical / Electrical Engineering, Construction etc

Educational Services

Jydeson Global Services Ltd runs foreign students admission into universities across European countries

General Contracts

We undertake various contracts not limited to construction, engineering, equipment supply and logistics

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Why Choose Us

Jydeson Global Services Ltd is one of the global leading companies delivering high quality environmental, Engineering and Educational services

Experience & Expertise

JGS has experience work force from across the globe that delivers quality projects on Environmental and Engineering sector etc

On Time & On Budget

We work with our clients to ensure each project will be delivered within stipulated time and within clients budget.

Licensed Practioner

JGS Ltd is a private limited company duly registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

Fast Support

We at Jydeson Global Services take clients affairs so seriously, we are always poised to attend to clients needs.

Foriegn Student Admission

If you are looking for a place for undergraduate or postgraduate study anywhere in the world, then you have come to the right place. We guide you through the application and visa process. You will be able to choose from a wide range of courses that suit your career.


The preparation of a Curriculum Vitae (CV).

The preparation of a personal statement.

Counselling prospective students on the availability of their proposed course.

Climate/weather information about country and school location.

Receiving and responding to offer letters.

Advice and assistance in arranging accommodation.

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